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Electrical Vendors > Pizzato Elettrica

Electrical Vendors > Pizzato Elettrica

Position Switches, Safety Switches, Foot Switches, Microswitches and Safety Modules

PIZZATO is one of the leading European companies manufacturing position switches, safety switches, foot switches, microswitches and safety modules.

Pizzatto offers one of the widest ranges of position switches in the world and has developed many innovative and patented safety switches, safety modules and unique products including tested and complete circuit solutions.

Product Offering


Heavy Duty Position Switches
Series FD, FP, FL and FC

Normal Duty Postion Switches
Series FR, FM, FX, FZ and FK

Modular Prewired Position Switches
Series NA, NB and NF

Micro Switches
Series MK

Special Application Position Switches
ATEX conformity for Explosive Atmosphere
High Temperature IP67 protection
Electronic Contact Block
Indoor use only IP20 protection VF B Serie


Switches for floor leveling operation
Safety Switches for over-speed devices
Switches with reset for over travels
Operator Switches
Door Switches
Signalling Switches


Safety Switches with separate actuator
Hinge Operating Safety Switches
Safety Handles
Emergency Push Buttons
Magnetic Sensors
Rope Pull Safety Switches
Safety Modules


Series PX-PA, PC and CP

Pizzato Technical Specifications


Pizzato Position Switches


Pizzato — Heavy Duty Series Switches

Pizzato — Microswitches

Pizzato Safety Devices


Pizzato — Magnetic Sensors



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