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Electrical Vendors > Mechan Controls

Electrical Vendors > Mechan Controls
Machine Guard Safety Systems, Non-Contact Safety Switches, Coded Magnetic Safety Switches

MECHAN CONTROLS designs and manufactures Machine Guard Safety Switches, specializing in non-contact safety switches for machine guards. Products include magnetic safety switches, coded magnetic safety switches, standalone electronic safety switches and uniquely coded electronic safety switch systems with up to 500,000 unique codes. Available in ABS, 316 stainless steel, quick disconnect, high temp to 55C, IP67, suitable for wet and washdown areas.

Mechan safety switches are tolerant of dust, vibration, misalignment, high temperatures and exposure to aggressive chemicals and are suitable for use in all machine guard applications.

Product Offering

F-SERIES Safety System
Electronic Non-Contact Safety Switch System

Approved to EN-954-1, Category 4
Din rail mounting safety control unit capable of monitoring up to 30 Mechan safety switches
Tamper-resistant safety switches
Modular system, simple to install and expand
Over 30 years proven safety and reliability
Suitable for harshest environments or where long term reliability is required

Mechan MS 21 Safety SwitchISIS Safety System
Coded Magnet Safety System

Approved to EN-954-1, Category 3
Minimum 6mm switching distance and IP67 protection
Simple 2-wire connection to switches
Guard status indication
ISIS control unit can detect both open and short circuit faults
Monitor up to 30 safety switches with Extender modules


Non-Contact Magnetically operated switches
Special heavy duty reed switches in ABS housings
Protected with internal fuses
Can perform up to 1,000,000 operations at full load

SSS Safety Switches

Standalone Electronic Safety Switches
Use to switch relays, contactors or safety relays directly

CODEX Safety System

Fully Electronic Safety Switch System
Generic coding or coding up to 500,000 unique coded switches
Slim-line safety switches are suitable for wash-down

MPX Safety Control Units

Cost effective and simple to use and install
Available mounted on a chassis plate or complete in stainless enclosure