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Audible Signaling, Visual Signaling and Double Signaling Units for any application


SIRENA provides innovative solutions to satisfy all of your signaling requirements, including audible, visual and double signaling for any application. With over 35 years of experience, Sirena is a world leader in the field of electro-technical/electronic acoustic signaling as well as the rotating, flashing and led visual signaling field.

Sirena is constantly developing new ranges of products to satisfy all types of signaling requirements. A prime example of advanced technology is Sirena's LED modular range of light towers.


Sirena Signal ProductsProduct Offering

Acoustic Signals
Industrial Electric Motor Sirens, Electronic Sirens
Buzzers, Industrial Horns, Industrial Bells
Luminous Signals
Acoustic - Luminous Signals
Luminous Series Rotating Beacons
LED Integrated Products
Industrial Traffic Lights
Luminous Signal Towers
LED Bulbs
Explosion Proof - ATEX Signals
Signal Products for Forklift Trucks
Work Beam Signals
Luminous Warning Devices


Sirena Signal ProductsProduct Features

Modular "No Tools Required" Assembly
Continuous or Built-In Flash Modules Available
Five Interchangeable Lens Colors
Variable Sound Horn Via Dip Switches Available at Top of Stack or Stand Alone with Base Module
Full 3600 Visibility
3 Light Module Type Options:
- Standard Incandescent, LED, or Xenon Strobe


Technical Specifications

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