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UniWeld Waterjet Bricks

The UniWeld Waterjet Brick is manufactured by thermally welding multiple layers of Honeycomb Polypropylene Sheeting.

Features include:

No screws are used in forming this product. Splash from screws is eliminated.
Materials used are 100% recyclable.
Retains longer structural integrity during water jet cutting.
Splash back is reduced by channeling water away from the cutting area.
Thermal weld fabrication of the brick creates an accurate flat surface preventing small parts from falling through the cutting bed.

Standard Sizes - 4" x 6" by 48" and 4" x 12" x 48" lengths. Half sizes available of 4" x 6" x 24" and 4" x 12" x 24". The larger size brick provides a flatter cutting bed with fewer joint seams.

Now available in three weights: Standard 4mm, Heavy Duty 6mm and Professional Duty 8mm thick Honeycomb Polypropylene Sheeting.

Standard color for bricks is white. The 4mm and 6mm sizes can also be provided in black.

Longest Life and Lowest Cost waterjet brick in the market place.

Waterjet Cutting Bricks Technical Specifications