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Pneumatic Vendors > EDCO USA

Pneumatic Vendors > EDCO USA

EDCO Industrial Vacuum Technology

EDCO has developed a wide range of rugged vacuum components including: suction cups, vacuum pads, level compensators, multistage multi-ejector vacuum pumps, single-stage or mono-stage vacuum pumps, vacuum check valves, vacuum grippers and rail systems.

EDCO was founded in 1994 and has become a leader in industrial vacuum technology design.

EDCO prides itself on offering compact and innovative solutions for the industrial vacuum-holding market. EDCO has more control options than any other vacuum pump line in the world and can provide custom solutions to problems.

Product Offering

EDCO's product line of vacuum components includes a wide range of vacuum pumps, pads, generators, valves, grippers and vacuum cups. In addition to the many standard products, EDCO also makes customized or made-for-purpose products for individual applications.

Edco Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pumps

Multi-Stage Pumps
Single-Stage Pumps
Air Amplifier and Transfer Tubes

Features include:

anodized aluminum bodies; stainless steel valve plates; brass ejector nozzles; stainless steel fasteners and modular pump design that allows for field expansion of pump capacity and simplified cost-effective pump renewal.


Edco Vacuum Cup

Vacuum Cups

Bellows Cups
Universal Cups
Flat Cups
Flat Concave Cups
Bellows Traction Foot Cups
Specialty Cups

Available materials:

Ameriflex; Duramax; Nitrile (Buna-N); Silicone; Conductive Silicone;Flurocarbon (Viton)

Vacuum Cup Fittings

Rugged anodized aluminum fitting available in ranges for the following cup sizes:

4, 5, 6 and 8 mm Cups; 10 and 15 mm Cups; 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm Cups; 40 mm Cups; 50 mm Cups; 65 mm Cups; 75, 100, 110 and 150 Cups

Edco Valve

Vacuum Cup Accessories

Flow Valves
Flow Sensor Valves
Check Valves
Level Compensators
Cone Valves
Swivel Joints
Tee Adaptors
Mechanical Valves

Vacuum Pump System Accessories

Mechanical Pressure Sensors
Mechanical Vacuum Sensors
T-style Vacuum Filter
In-line Vacuum Filter
Vacuum Sensors
Vacuum Switch Protectors

EDCO USA Technical Specifications