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PMA Cable Protection Systems, Conduit, Fittings, Adapters, PG, Metric and NPT Threads

PMA offers innovative cable protection products, ranging from basic items to demanding high-tech products. Research and Development is a top priority at PMA, including the development of custom system solutions and specialized products to meet your application demands.

PMA produces top quality cable protection systems offering a range of over 6500 high quality products. PMA has the solution for your application wherever power and data cables require dependable protection.


Product Offering


PMA Conduits FLEX Pro Conduits
PMAFLEX Conduits
PMA FLEXPLus Conduits (UL Listed)
PMAFLEX Multi-Layer Corrugated Conduits
PMA Smart Line Conduits
PMA Ex-System Conduits
PMA COFLEX Divisible Conduits
More than 30 conduit types - lightweight to heavyweight, pliable to highly flexible
Conduit sizes from 4.5mm to 125mm diameters


PMAFIX Pro Cable Protection System

PMA Pro Cable Protection

IP69K static and dynamic protection
Newest technology and highest standards
Simple "push-in" installation
Maximum assembly and operation safety
Sealing element also functions as locking mechanism
Recommended for PMAFLEX heavy duty conduits



PMAFIX Cable Protection

PMA Cable Protection

Male and female threads in polyamide or metal
Straight, 45° elbow, 90° elbow and 90° curved elbow distributors
Patented safety clip system for connection with PMA conduit
IP66, IP68 and IP69K protection
Simple "push-in" installation (IP66)
Safety and sealing system (IP68)

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PMA SMART-LINE Cable Protection

PMA Smart Line Fittings

Excellent price/performance ratio
Straight, 45° elbow and 90° elbow connectors
PA6, PA12 and polyolefin conduit types
IP66 protection
Pre-closed clips for easy installation



EMCFIX Cable Protection

PMA EMCFIX Cable Protection

Tin-plated copper braids
High-grade shield against electromagnetic radiation
Nickel plated aluminum or nickel plated brass fittings
Simple and practical installation
Excellent termination



PMAJACK Braided Protection for Electrical Cables

PMAJACK Braided Cable Protection

Polyamide/polyester and metal braids of copper and steel
Mechanical cable protection and shield against electromagnetic radiation
Simple and practical installation
Excellent termination

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AUTOMATION Cable Protection

PMA Automation Cable Protection

High flexibility for motion-intensive applications
Protection from abrasion and wear for longer service life
Special conduit and accessories for robotics and automation applications
Simple and practical installation



PMA EX-SYSTEM Cable Protection

PMA EX-SYSTEM Cable Protection

Specially modified, electrostatic load discharging polyamide material
For use in explosion hazard zones 1/21 (gas/dust) per ATEX
Straight, 45° elbow, 90° elbow and 90° curved elbow distributors and supports
Patented safety clip system for connection with PMA conduit
IP66 and IP68 protection
Simple "push-in" installation (IP66)
Safety and sealing system (IP68)



Technical Specifications

PDF PMAFIX Pro - Next Generation Cable Protection
PDF PMAFIX / PMAFLEX Cable Protection Systems
PDF PMA SMART LINE Cable Protection Sytems
PDF PMA EMC Cable Protection with Integrated Electromagnetic Shielding
PDF PMAJACK Cable Protection System
PDF PMA EX-SYSTEM - ATEX Approved Cable Protection System
PDF PMA UL LISTED Cable Protection Products

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