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Electrical Vendors > Dold

Electrical Vendors > Dold

Dold Safety and Control Relay Modules

DOLD manufactures safety modules designed to protect man and machine by monitoring the status of emergency stop circuits used in hazardous machine operations. Safety modules are used to monitor emergency stops, pushbuttons, interlock mechanisms, safety switches, safety mats, light curtains and two-hand control circuits.

Dold is a leading European supplier, offering comprehensive expertise in the switchgear industry for individual components as well as complete control solutions for industrial automation. Dold manufactures over 30,000 different relays.

Product Offering

Dold Safety and Control Relays

Delay Modules
Emergency Stop Monitoring
Extension Modules
Interface Modules
Light Curtain Controls
Multi-function Safety Modules
Safety Gate Monitors
Safety Switches
Standstill Monitors
Two Hand Safety Relay
Valve Monitoring