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Pneumatic Vendors > Deprag USA

Pneumatic Vendors > Deprag USA

Stainless Steel Air Motors, Air Vane Motors, Compact Air Motors, Industrial Power Tools

DEPRAG specializes in stainless steel air-motors from 1.6 HP to 24 HP. Deprag has become well known for the fine craftsmanship and materials used to provide superior quality products, including professional, quality power tools for all industrial applications.

Deprag is an Assembly Equipment Manufacturer with over 80 years of experience, headquartered in Amberg Germany, producing hand-held air tools, automatic feeding and assembly systems to over 50 countries worldwide. The North American subsidiary, DEPRAG USA, is located outside of Dallas, Texas

Product Offering

 Deprag Air Motor

Deprag Air Vane Motors

A safe and robust drive system for applications requiring:

Use in explosion hazardous environment
Dust, acid and cleaning solvent resistance
Insensitivity to vibration
Insensitivity to heat
Underwater applications

Deprag Basic Line

Robust motors for a normal production environment. The patented vane exchange system enables you to save valuable production time.

Deprag Stainless Steel Air Motor

Deprag Advanced Line

Wide product spectrum includes stainless steel vane motors from 20W (0.03 HP) to 1.2kW (1.6 HP). Deprag Stainless Steel Air Motors are generally used in applications where a high grade of hygiene, steam and acid-resistance is needed such as food industry, chemical industry, medical technology and underwater applications.

Features include:

Conformity to ATEX
All external parts made from high quality non-corrosive steel
Oil-free capability without special adaption, with only a 15% reduction in power
Fully sealed
Able to be equipped with an integrated brake module
Flexible kit system offers the possibility of different drive spindles, motor mounting, etc.


Deprag High Torque Motor

Deprag Power Line

High performance, versatile foot and flange motors
From 1600W (2.1 HP) to 18kW (24 HP)
High starting torque
Light weight
Robust and reliable design
High performance
Long life span

Deprag Grinding, Milling and Drill Motors

For incorporation into your machine, providing high performance and space saving

Deprag Brake Motors

Low cost complete solution of standard program air motors with integrated brake equipment

Deprag Individual Line

Modular principle of customization from an individually designed motor or customer specific package deal to complete system solutions.

Deprag USA Technical Specifications