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Electrical Vendors > Euchner USA, Inc.

Electrical Vendors > Euchner USA, Inc.
Safety Switches, Limit Switches, Non-Contact Switches

EUCHNER USA products include safety switches, non-contact safety switches, limit switches, multiple limit switches, rope pull switches, trip dogs and rails, joysticks, manual pulse generators, pendant stations and safety relays for safety systems, serving the automotive, machine tool, packaging, textile, woodworking, robotics, plastic and process-control industries.

Euchner products range from electromechanical and electronic components to complex system solutions, offering positioning and safety engineering solutions accross a broad range of industries.

Product Offering

Safety Switches

Prevent the operation of a machine in hazardous situation

Non-Contact Safety Switches

Available in coded magnet and inductive RFID technologies

Enabling Switches

Operate in only one position causing a stop in any other position

Safety Relays (Safety Systems)

Evaluate connected safety components and turn off hazardous machine functions

Limit Switches

Used to control and monitor industrial machinery and equipment

Joy Sticks

Manually actuated motion control switches

Pendant Stations/Handwheels

Hand held control devices used for machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance, used at the point of operation

Access Control - Electronic Key System (EKS)

Used to control personnel access to machine controls and process parameters

Actuator Sensor Interface Safety at Work (AS-I SAW)

Simple and efficient way to wire all your Inputs and Outputs back to your PLC without effecting your safety category

Euchner USA Technical Specifications


Euchner Safety Switches


Euchner USA Non-Contact Safety Switches