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EUCHNER USA products include safety switches, non-contact safety switches, limit switches, multiple limit switches, rope pull switches, trip dogs and rails, joysticks, manual pulse generators, pendant stations and safety relays for safety systems, serving the automotive, machine tool, packaging, textile, woodworking, robotics, plastic and process-control industries.

Euchner products range from electromechanical and electronic components to complex system solutions, offering positioning and safety engineering solutions accross a broad range of industries.


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Product Offering


Euchner NG Series Limit SwitchesSafety Switches

Prevent the operation of a machine in hazardous situation

Non-Contact Safety Switches

Available in coded magnet and inductive RFID technologies

Enabling Switches

Operate in only one postion causing a stop in any other position

Safety Relays (Safety Systems)

Evaluate connected safety components and turn off hazardous machine functions

Limit Switches

Used to control and monitor industrial machinery and equipment

Euchner Safety SwitchesJoy Sticks

Manually actuated motion control switches

Pendant Stations/Handwheels

Hand held control devices used for machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance, used at the point of operation

Access Control - Electronic Key System (EKS)

Used to control personnel access to machine controls and process parameters

Actuator Sensor Interface Safety at Work (AS-I SAW)

Simple and efficient way to wire all your Inputs and Outputs back to your PLC without effecting your safety category


Technical Specifications


PDF Product Overview Safety Engineering
PDF Safety Switches with Plastic Housing
PDF Safety Switches with Metal Housing
PDF Non-Contact Safety Switch CMS Magnetic Coding
PDF Non-Contact Safety Switches CES/CEM Transponder Coding
PDF Enabling Switches ZS
PDF Safety Relays ESM/ESM-F
PDF Limit Switches according to EN 50041
PDF Precision Multiple Limit Switches
PDF Inductive Limit Switches
PDF Position Switches
PDF Joystick Switches
PDF Hand-Held Pendant Stations/Handwheels
PDF Electronic-Key-System
PDF Safety Products with Integrated Bus Interface
PDF Multifunctional Gate Box
PDF Trip Rails and Trip Dogs
PDF Bolts for Safety Guards


Design Type 1 with Integraged Actuator

PDF Safety Limit Switches NM
PDF Safety Limit Switches NZ
PDF Safety Switches EGZ
PDF Safety Hinge Switches ESH
PDF Safety Hinge Switches ESH-ARO
PDF Locking Safety Switches TK

Design Type 2 with Separate Actuator and Locking

PDF Safety Switches NZ VZ VS
PDF Safety Switches STA
PDF Safety Switches STM
PDF Safety Switches STP
PDF Safety Switches STP TWIN
PDF Solenoid Locking Safety Switches TP
PDF Solenoid Locking Safety Switches TQ
PDF Solenoid Locking Safety Switches TX
PDF Solenoid Locking Safety Switches TZ

Design Type 2 with Separate Actuator without Locking

PDF Safety Switches GP
PDF Safety Switches NM VZA
PDF Safety Switches NP
PDF Safety Switches NQ
PDF Safety Switches NX
PDF Safety Switches NZ
PDF Safety Switches SGP
PDF Safety Switches SGA
PDF Safety Switches SGP TWIN


Coded Magnet Switches

PDF Non-Contact Safety Systems CMS-E-AR, CMS-E-AR
PDF Non-Contact Safety Systems CMS-E-BR, CMS-E-ER, CMS-E-FR

RFID Coded Switches

PDF Evaluation Unit CES-AR-AES-12
PDF Evaluation Units CES-AZ-AES, CES-AZ-UES

Read Head and Actuator

PDF Read Head and Actuator CES-AZ
PDF Read Head and Actuator CES-A-LSP

Read Head with Integrated Evaluation

PDF Safety Switch CES-A-C5E and CES-A-C5H
PDF Safety Switch CES-AR C
PDF Safety Switch CES-A-S5H
PDF Safety Switch CES-AH
PDF Safety Switch CES-AP

Separate Actuator with Guard Locking

PDF Non-Contact Unit CEM
PDF CEM with Adjustable Adhesive Force
PDF Read Head with Guard Locking CET-AX
PDF Safety System CET-AR


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