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HTM Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Non-Contact Thermometers


HTM sensors offers premium quality inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, safety light curtains, non-contact thermometers, and more.

HTM sensors are made tough to last longer than any other sensor, reducing costly down-time. Combined with their competitive pricing, you will recognize an overall savings that is hard to match.  HTM carries the most stock on CSA standard sensors in the industry.


Product Offering

HTM High Temp AC or DC Inductive SensorsInductive Proximity Sensors

Standard Inductive Proximity Sensors
Extended Range Inductive Proximity Sensors
Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors
MetalHead™ Inductive Proximity Sensors
Spatterguard™ Metalhead Sensor with PTFE coating
Weld Field Immune Sensor
Inductive Ring Sensors
Miniature Inductive Proximity Switch
Rectangular Housing Proximity Sensors


HTM MetalHead Stainless Steel Proximity SensorCapacitive Proximity Sensors

LevelMAX Professional Series Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Metal Body Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Plastic Body Capacitive Proximity Sensors



HTM Photoelectric SensorPhotoelectric Sensors
Non-Contact Temperature Sensors
Sensor Cables and Distribution Boxes
Sensor Accessories




Technical Specifications

PDF Inductive & Capacitive Proximity Sensors
PDF  Professional Inductive Proximity Sensors

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