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ELESA — Standard Machine Elements — Hardware for Industrial Machinery

ELESA is a world leading designer and manufacturer who offers the widest selection of standard hardware components for industrial machinery in both inch and metric sizes. ELESA utilizes the most advanced engineered plastic and metal materials together with award winning designs, focusing on ergonomic benefits and highest quality of functionality in all aspects of their product. Many ELESA products can be customized to meet your special design needs. All products are manufactured at the company headquarters in Monza, Italy with stocking and distribution in North America managed by ELESA USA Corporation.

Product Offering


Handwheels and Crank Handles

These items are available in a variety of materials which include fiberglass reinforced polyamide based (PA) Technopolymer, phenolic-based Duroplast, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, zinc alloy and cast iron.

Handwheel design offerings are spoked, solid or armed - with or without handle in a wide variety of configurations.

Special designs available include crank handles with revolving handle for tight clearances, commonly used where steering operations are necessary.

The award-winning VDN styles are a unique Elesa design featuring a matte aluminum ring contrasting with a high gloss black Duroplast surface.


Clamping knobs are offered as Lobe Knobs in a variety of styles or as Grip Knobs with an assortment that includes fluted, knurled and wing style knobs.

Materials include: Technopolymer, phenolic-based Duroplast, aluminum and stainless steel. A variety of designs styles, mounting dimensions and knob types, with smooth or threaded bushings, or with threaded studs, are offered in stainless steel for applications where corrosion resistant material is needed. Elesa's Clean Line features white color, stainless steel inserts, compact form and no cavities.

Lobe Knobs

Elesa's original five-lobe design provides superior operator grip. The newer three-lobe design in solid section, without cavities, prevents deposits from accumulating and is found to be suitable for certain clean or wash-down applications. Elesa also offers lobe knobs that have keyed-access for safety devices.

Grip Knobs

A vast range of clamping knobs and screw knobs are offered, including the award-winning Ergostyle line, providing maximum ergonomic grip benefits for manual clamping. The Clamping Wing Knobs are designed with concave marks on the wings to promote correct ergonomic finger positioning for maximum tightening force. Knurled Knobs are designed to be highly sensitive knobs with secure, comfortable grip, for use when extremely precise adjustments are needed.


Clamping Levers are adjustable handles and lever handles designed for manual clamping. The variety of designs and materials along with the selection of colors, finishes and sizes available, cover a broad range of applications. Materials include polymer, zinc die-cast alloy or stainless steel.

Two assembly types are offered with brass bushings or galvanized steel studs, with different threads and lengths. Adjustable levers and handles are also offered entirely in stainless steel or with stainless steel inserts for applications where corrosion resistant material is needed.

Adjustable Handles

Adjustable Handles are most suited where the lever turning angle is space limited and repetitive clamping is required. A variety of operating button colors are offered to help identify machine functions. Elesa also offers Safety Adjustable Handles that disengage from the clamping element. Tightening is done by pressing on the adjustable levers - after rotation, releasing the handle returns the lever to neutral. In case of accidental shock, the lever can rotate without compromising the tightening.

Lever Handles

These are available in polymer, phenolic plastic, steel, cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron lever handles are perfect for heavy applications like machine tools.

This family also includes Cam Action Adjustable Levers made of Super-Technopolymer with stainless inserts for quick and secure clamping. A special knurled ring nut allows the user to adjust the clamping force and block the lever in the desired position and is designed to provide a secure, comfortable grip.


Elesa handle styles include Bridge Handles, Flush Pull Handles and Tubular Handles in polymer, aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The vast array of unique and ergonomic designs can satisfy a wide range of application needs. Many designs can be customized for material color, with optional pad-printed or laser engraved wording such as logo, identification or safety instructions.

Bridge Handles

Bridge Handles, most suited as machinery door handles, include the popular, award-winning Elesa Ergostyle EBP bridge handle design. Lift handles are available with press fit caps in Ergostyle colors. Special designs include: a version with SAN polymer, containing an antimicrobial additive to prevent the deposit of unwanted organisms; a version with an electric switch for mounting on machine doors; and a version with a pneumatic valve which allows the direct command of a single or double-acting pneumatic actuator.

Flush Pull Handles

Flush Pull Handles and Retractable Handles are available in plastic and metal. The PR-PF models are available in three colors or in self-extinguishing polymer version AE-VO. The polymer recessed handle line includes the industrial design award-winning MPR model. This light weight, strong design offers maximum operator safety and noise reduction. Also available is a line of stainless steel door pull handles with elegant styles and surface finishes.

Tubular Handles

Tubular Handles are made with or without plastic or metal side supports, matched with tubes in either anodized aluminum, epoxy coated or stainless steel. Used mainly for large heavy doors, the modular design is also suited for handrails. Available with many custom options.


Fixed and Revolving Handles

Styles include: Fixed Handles that remain locked after mounting; Revolving Handles with metallic mechanisms that allow knob rotation on its axis; and Fold-Away Handles that can either be folded into a resting position or retracted automatically for safety. Available in polymers, phenolic plastics, aluminum or stainless steel materials. Various colors are available to customize these products and enhance machine design.

Special designs include: a version with handle grips that have a magnifying visor lens to allow the application of self adhesive labels; and the ELESA SOFT version handles, featuring a soft-touch coating of chemically bonded thermoplastic elastomer material for enhanced operator comfort and improved grip for safety under demanding conditions, such as the presence of moisture.

Fixed Handles

The Fixed Handles family includes knobs and handles in a wide range of shapes, finishes and colors. Styles include mushroom grips, ball, knurled, tapered, conical and cylindrical knobs and handles.

Revolving Handles

Revolving Handles are available in various plastic and metal materials. Their design features a central metal mechanism which allows the knobs to rotate on their axis.

Fold-Away Handles

Fold-Away Handles are made of polymer or phenolic plastic. They are best suited for applications where space restrictions or safety guidelines require the handle to fold into a rest position with minimal dimensions. Elesa Safety Fold-Down Handles have the "Fold-O-Matic®" booster device that automatically returns the handle to rest position after release by the operator.


Elesa Control Elements consist of plastic or aluminum knobs and levers used on instruments where the application calls for the operator to make precise alignment or adjustment. Styles are available with or without flanges, and with indexes or graduation markings that can be either laser-engraved or printed on the knob. Custom markings can also be printed in full color on the smooth surface of the turning knobs and levers.

Control Knobs

Screw Control Knobs and Wheel Control Knobs are available in standard styles, which include - knurled or fluted, embossed or lobe. The Elesa original knurled knobs have won the international IF Design Award.

Control Knob mounting options include grub screw, transversal pin or keyway. Design features include continuous adjustment and locking elements to enable machine shaft adjustments in direction of rotation and to maintain shaft position when subject to vibration. The locking systems prevents uncontrolled motion of the shaft, increasing the machine safety factor.

Control Levers

Control Levers are offered in steel or Technopolymer plastics and are ideal for adjustment and positioning functions. The Ergostyle thermoplastic control levers have won awards for their ergonomic design which allows the application of high force during maneuvering, while the lever design facilitates safe handling and operation. Angle limiting operation is enabled by a sliding groove in the device where pins can limit the stroke. The ELCR model has a small footprint that is particularly suited when the application includes limited space to maneuver.


Elesa Rotary Controls or Position Indicators are classified according to the reading type and operation supported. Reading options include: analog, analog-digital, digital or LCD digital models with large display. The operation or movement options are gravitational type, positive drive or direct drive. Gravity Indicators or Direct Drive Indicators can be matched to select Elesa handwheels for coupling to a drive shaft.

Gravity, Positive Drive and Direct Drive Indicators

Position Indicators with gravity positioning are available in polymer or stainless steel. They offer high accuracy and are used when the mounting shaft is horizontal or inclined up to 60 degrees. Reading options are analog or analog-digital. Dials are available for all standard ratios with clockwise or counter-clockwise graduations. Custom Dials are available upon request. Ultrasonic welding seals windows to meet IP65 protection.

Position Indicators with positive drive can be used on spindles in any position and can be matched to select Elesa handwheels or knobs. Reading options are analog or analog-digital.

Direct Drive Indicators can be used in any position, are mounted directly on the driveshaft, connected by a rear pin, available in three sizes, with burnished steel or stainless steel bushings. The position indicators can be mechanical or electronic and the display can be mechanical or electronic digital. Electronic versions can be used for multiple applications requiring different control shaft pitches, rotation directions or measuring units.

Handwheels with Indicator

Spoked and solid disc handwheels or knobs in Technopolymer, phenolic plastic or aluminum are used to maneuver a control shaft to change the position of a machine. Available with metal inserts for fitting to the shaft in burnished steel or stainless steel.


Indexing and Positioning Elements

Elesa Indexing and Positioning Elements are offered in a wide assortment of shape, size and standard components to meet your diverse design and function needs. This product line is available in burnished steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or SUPER-Technopolymer.

Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers consist of a threaded body, with or without a knob and a plunger - materials include hardened steel, stainless steel and SUPER-Technopolymer. The indexing elements made of burnished steel perform better due to hardened ends. Some models provide a series of stop positions.

Threaded bodies come in various lengths and diameters. Knobs can be black or red Technopolymer. The SUPER-Technopolymer material offers light weight and superior strength. It is also corrosion resistant and with the stainless steel plunger, can be used in food or pharmaceutical wash-down applications.

Lock Pins

Elesa Lock Pins come in galvanized steel or stainless steel. The quick-release pins are available with an assortment of handles and can be supplied with or without a button. Handle options include: three lobes, two fins, with knob or with extraction ring. Accessories include: retaining chains, retaining cables and spiral retaining wires.

Spring Plungers

Spring Plungers are offered in steel, stainless steel, brass or Technopolymer plastics and are ideal for applications requiring locking, positioning or clamping with use of spring tension. Various designs include: threaded bolt spring plungers and threaded ball plungers.


Screws, Thrust Pads, Rings and Washers

This group is available in steel, stainless steel and polymer and includes a selection of clamping screws, pressure screws, collar screws and clamping thrust pads. Also included are polymer rod ends and a selection of dowels for T-slots in various metal materials. Washers in this group include concave or convex steel or stainless steel leveling washers (zinc-plated, machined or hardened).

Locking Elements

This group includes locking cam levers and some toothed elements for precise positioning. Offered with clockwise or counter-clockwise locking action, available in burnished steel and stainless steel for applications where corrosion resistant materials are needed. The locking toothed elements are also offered in Elesa's proprietary SUPER-Technopolymer for corrosive environments.

Vibration Dampening Elements

The Elesa line of anti-vibration mounts have bodies made of NR Natural Rubber with base plates of zinc-plated steel or 304 stainless steel. Designs include various cylindrical or parabolic profiles. New items include parts that allow more lateral displacement without departing from the vertical plane of the insert, and rod ends for rotary, oscillating and linear movements in harsh environments.

Ball Elements

The Elesa modular ELEROLL roller tracks allow convenient, time-saving assembly without dismantling the roller conveyor. Features include smooth, quiet operation of ball or roller elements. Modular accessories include, brakes, holding sides, head supports and brackets for design flexibility.


Elesa Industrial Magnets are made from several materials, including, ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron. Features include, specific attraction force values, temperature and corrosion resistance features, workability and protection against demagnetization. Forms include: magnet plates, cylindrical, U-shaped and through-hole magnets.

Bull's Eye Levels

Elesa offers a selection of Spirit Levels - available as bull's eye levels for bi-directional or cylindrical levels for unidirectional measurements. Mono-directional spirit levels are available with rear or bottom insulation and are used for detecting inclination angle along the axis of the level. Bi-directional spirit levels detect the tilt angle and the angular position of a floor.


Leveling Elements and Supports

Elesa Leveling Elements and Supports can be found with options that include: bases of glass-fiber reinforced polymer, galvanized or stainless steel construction; legs of threaded galvanized or stainless steel, with lengths from M6 to M20; optional no-slip disk, stems and swivel function. Also offered are connectors with 2 to 6 polymer legs for square profile designs, as well as a variety of polymer, aluminum and stainless steel supports.

Leveling Feet

Leveling Feet are offered in various combinations of base and stem materials, with some special models that are designed for floor mounting and extra stability. The optional no-slip disk of NBR rubber applied to the base ensures the ultimate anchoring and protection from separation during transport and mounting. The stainless steel models are suitable for wash-down and corrosion resistant environments.

Bearing End Caps

The Elesa End Caps are either square or round, made of glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic with threaded steel inserts - for medium and heavy loads, or of polymer materials only - for light loads. The polymer designs feature a tapered shape which exerts pressure on the inner tube wall for strength and are easily assembled without screws or fasteners. Elesa connectors are also available, up to 3 legs with adjustable angles in black or grey polymer.

Connecting Clamps

Connecting Clamps are available in a wide variety of configurations and are offered in glass-reinforced polymer or aluminum. Also available are versatile panel clamps which can be installed without drilling, designed for protective panels and applications with machine safety requirements.

Supports and Guides

Elesa offers a selection of Supports and Guides in polymer materials, designed with a slightly rounded shape for ease of cleaning and style. Also offered are guide rail supports for linear positioning. This family also includes self-aligning bearings for the fixation of rotating shafts. The supports are available in square flange, oval or 90 degree styles and are made of a polymer base for maximum mechanical and thermal resistance. The supporting 304 stainless washers and chrome steel bearings support static loads of 7000N to 11000N and dynamic loads of 14000N to 19000N.


Elesa Hinges and Mounting Brackets are offered in plastic or metal, including glass-fiber polymers, aluminum, zinc die-cast alloy and stainless steel. Select from various mounting styles, rotation angles and load capacity options. Data sheets, selection guides and an on-line configurator are available to help you select the design suitable for your resistance and load bearing needs. Special features include hinges with multiple integrated safety switches; stainless steel hinges for wash-down or corrosive environments; and a new color of grey hinges designed to match aluminum mounting surfaces.

Plastic Hinges

Elesa Plastic Hinges are available in several high performance materials such as: elastomeric high-impact-strength-polyamide, glass-fiber reinforced, acetyl resin based or high-rigidity SUPER-Technopolymer.

The plastic hinge family includes a selection of safety switch hinges with single or multiple integrated safety switches built into the hinge. These safety switches can be mounted on common aluminum profiles and are IP67 rated for wash-down environment with stainless steel inserts.

Metal Hinges

Elesa Metal Hinges include the Stainless Steel Hinges which are ideal for wash-down or corrosive environment applications such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Available features include wide or narrow body design, hinges suitable for thin doors or cabinets and hinges with inserts designed to allow correction of minor door misalignment.

Connecting Angles

Elesa Mounting Brackets or Connecting Angles are available in a variety of configurations, made from polymer, natural aluminum or epoxy coated aluminum. The wide design selection covers application requirements for rigidity, stability and temperature resistance.


Latches with Knobs

The lever and cam styles in this group are offered in self-extinguishing polymer, zinc alloy and stainless steel. Door pull and knob styles are offered in Technopolymer, phenolic plastic or stainless steel, with five lobes for exceptional grip - or with a wide step groove for quick recovery during rotation. Choices of lever styles for door latch locks include flat, bent and with locking swing. Small latches are also available for special applications.

Snap Locks

Elesa Snap Lock styles include push button, detent and friction clip versions. Surface mounted locks are made of black or grey polymer for best match to the mounting surface. Threaded body styles for through-hole mounting have a polymer safety operating button with a zinc alloy body. Door opening function can be by separate handle or by an integrated finger pull/release lever for surface mounted versions, or by using the operating knob as a release pull on through-hole mounted versions.

Latches with Keys

This group comes in a variety of styles and combination of materials such as: zinc alloy handle with rotor and polymer stator; rotor, stator and handle in Technopolymer, or all in zinc alloy. Levers can be flat or bent. Locking mechanisms with unique combinations, master keys or shaped triangular or two-wing keys are offered, as well as snap closures where retaining action is performed by a spring-actuated tooth.

Hook Clamps

Elesa offers a wide range of hook clamps in galvanized or stainless steel with versions including: clamps with simple lever; lockable clamps; and clamps with a safety stop and red polymer button. The toggle latches have a special mechanism to provide a wide rotation angle of the clamping lever.

Toggle Clamps

Elesa Toggle Clamps using the quick action, over-center principle are ideal for locking components quickly and safely when applications require high clamping forces and repetitive movements. Available in galvanized, stainless and burnished steel materials. The Elesa Long Life Series clamps have been successfully tested for more than 1,000,000 cycles. The red polyurethane handle offers both excellent grip and chemical resistance. Stainless steel provides better heat and corrosion resistance. Versions include: horizontal and vertical clamps; latch clamps, push-pull clamps and pneumatic control series clamps.


Hydraulic Accessories

Elesa offers a wide selection of high performance components for hydraulic systems, available in materials ranging from Technopolymer to metal with varying degrees of heat tolerance and chemical resistance, including the ATEX line of products suitable for explosive atmosphere environments.


Elesa Plugs include blanking plugs, fill and drain caps and magnetic plugs which help clean by attracting debris. Plugs can be customized with laser engraving on aluminum or with graphic symbols. Select from fill and drain caps in Technopolymer, galvanized steel or aluminum with O-ring seal or flat washer in NBR synthetic rubber. Blanking plugs and fill plugs are available with dipsticks, in non-standard lengths and/or with Max-Min level indicators.

Breather Caps

Elesa Breather Caps are designed to help control tank internal pressure levels and are available in a wide variety of designs. Styles include a simple design with splash guard and dipstick, with simple or double valve or with a vacuum breaker valve. The SFP series has a splash guard with prevents leakage during intense movement and is also available in the ATEX (explosive atmosphere) series. This group also includes straining baskets and side flanged baskets for threaded or bayonet caps.

Level Indicators

This product group includes oil level gauges, dome sights, level and column level indicators made from various plastic or metal materials, oil and liquid resistant materials and high and low temp tolerant materials. Column level indicators have optional built-in thermometers and protective shrouds. Designs with screws or SUPER Technopolymer shrouds or stainless steel inserts are suitable for corrosion resistant application needs. One unique design (Elesa HCK-GL) is perfect for glycol-containing solutions used to prevent freezing, or in extreme low temp applications (-30°C). This design is unique because of the ability to customize the lengths of it's modular elements.

Visual Flow Indicators

The Elesa helical visual flow indicators are commonly used in lubrication, refrigeration, heating and water treatment systems in chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally for monitoring the flow of transparent viscous liquid for impurities. The Pyrex® glass tubular visor is also suited for glycol solutions and provides maximum visibility from all angles. The terminal flanges, axle and helical rotor are of Technopolymer, or optionally with 316 Stainless bushings, with NPT conical gas threads, or helical axis and rotor in the color blue.


Elesa offers a versatile selection of industrial wheels to meet the challenges presented by various surface conditions, load requirements and environmental conditions. The manufacturing processes and materials offered include wheels that are injection molded or cast from polyurethane, Technopolymer, thermoplastic rubber, vulcanized rubber and elastic rubber. Supports offered include sheet steel supports for light and medium weight loads or welded steel supports for heavy and extra heavy loads.

Injected Polyurethane Wheels

The Elesa industrial polyurethane wheels are injection molded or cast and are suited for smooth surfaces. The central body can be made from polymer, aluminum or cast iron. Supports come with fixed or rotating plate, made from a variety of materials depending on load requirement. Options include brakes as well as a stainless steel version for corrosive environments. Cast polyurethane wheels provide good elasticity, medium to high compression resistance and tensile hardness. Injection molded polyurethane wheels generally provide lower elasticity and superior hardness.

Technopolymer Wheels

The Elesa Technopolymer wheels are suited for humid environment and highly aggressive corrosive environments and are designed for smooth surfaces. The diverse selection of plastic wheels include wheels with fixed or rotatable support plates in a range of materials based on application requirements. Steel plates are used for medium-heavy loads, welded steel plates for heavy loads and stainless steel plates for wash-down or corrosion resistance. Polymer treads provide excellent durability.

Rubber Wheels

Elesa rubber wheels with aluminum or plastic bodies are suited for humid environments and medium-aggressive chemical environments. Thermoplastic rubber wheels are used for delicate interior flooring. Elastic rubber wheels are offered with steel fixed or rotating supports for medium-heavy loads, or sheet steel supports for light loads. Twin wheel casters offer ease of use with minimal space required. Wheels which have ball bearing hubs are ideal for heavy loads and continuous movement.


Elesa offers a wide range of fixed or adjustable connection terminals with simple modular assembly by means of clamping screws. Available in materials from natural aluminum, epoxy resin coated aluminum to stainless steel with polished or sandblasted finish. This product group includes tubes, accessories, end caps and linear actuators.

Connection Terminals for Tubes

The selection of Elesa connection terminals for square or round cross-section tubes are available in several designs, including: cross clamps, fixing bases, T terminals and swivel clamps, with diameters from 10mm to 60mm. Material options are aluminum or stainless steel - for corrosion resistance. The INOX stainless steel design has stainless steel screws that prevent the accumulation of moisture, together with polymer sealing washers and silicone sealing rings which seal holes and threads for a waterproof connection.

Tubes and Accessories

Elesa connecting tubes are available with round or square cross sections of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum with natural or anodized finish. Round section tubes are available in 7mm to 52mm diameter, and square tubes range from 8mm to 44mm. Maximum length available is 3000mm. Clamping kits are offered as an alternative to locking screws if different tube clamp designs. Polyethylene closing caps are also available.

Linear Actuators and Clamp Connectors

Elesa linear actuators can be mounted using various types of connection terminals. To measure movement and cursor position, Elesa also provides digital position indicators. Special lengths, stainless steel guide tubes or laser engraved precision graduations are available upon request. Connection terminals for linear actuators are made in aluminum with epoxy resin coating, black color or stainless steel. Tightening the guide will lock the actuator cursor in a final set position.


Elesa's manufactures high quality and special design handles with superior surface finishes for use in various applications, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and medical. The product group includes tubular handles, spring recall handles, recessed handles, pull handles, door pull handles, locking handles and handles with safety switches.

Handles for Instruments and Equipment

Tubular handles and handles with spring and recessed handles are supplied in wide variety of special designs, finishes and materials (such as anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel and polymer) for non-standard instrument and equipment applications. A selection of tubular handles is offered with a special fastening system that prevents anti-rotation of the tube in the side supports, affording the user with an extra firm and safe grip.

Handles for Machine and Safety Systems

For machines and safety systems, Elesa offers over 30 industrial handle designs, made of different material combinations for applications such as door pull handles on sliding guard doors (including oversize guards). These handles are of the highest quality to meet stringent application needs. Many of the standard industrial handles can be customized for your special design needs with optional colors, different lengths and varying finishes.

Stainless Steel Handles

For corrosion-resistant or wash-down applications, the Elesa stainless steel range of handles, tubular grab handles and folding handles provide modern designs and quality surface finishes. The Elesa curved tubular handles offer an elegant solution for machine designers. These handles are also customizable in terms of color, length and surface finish to meet your requirements.

CLEAN Line Handles

The Elesa CLEAN line industrial handles and recessed handles are made of white aluminum, designed in a compact shape without cavities to prevent the accumulation of particles and residue. The white glossy surface finish also enhances cleaning operations. These handles are designed for use in sterile environments, subject to frequent cleaning, such as those with medical and hospital equipment or food and beverage handling equipment.