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Electrical Vendors > Riese Electronics

Electrical Vendors > Riese Electronics
Riese Safety Relays, Time Relays, Measuring Relays

RIESE safety relays meet all mandatory safety regulations from OSHA in North America and the Machine Directive in Europe providing redundant, control reliable, safe shutdown when an unsafe situation occurs and the safety circuit is called upon to stop hazardous motion and to safely restart when the danger is no longer present.

Riese Electronics provides the newest safety technology together with customer oriented development in the production of their wide product range of Safety Relays, Time and Measuring Relays.

Product Offering

Safety Relays

Emergency Stop Relays
Safety Gate Monitors
Emergency Stop Relays with Time Delay
Emergency Stop for Mat Control Relays
Emergency Stop Relays for Safety Light Curtains
Two Hand Control Relays
Expansion Module / Industrial Relays
Multifunction Relays
Muting Relays
Safety on bus

Time Delay Relays

Interval Time Delay
Clock Pulsed
Star Delta Series

Measuring Relays

Level Relays
PTC Resistor Release Relays
Current Relays
Voltage Relays
Phase Relay
Industrial Relay (High Frequency Switching)
Diode Fault Indicator