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Electrical Vendors > Lutze
Industrial-grade Control and Power Cables, Automation Solutions, Cabinet Wiring Systems

LUTZE has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of control components for the automation industry for over 50 years, offering products that include flexible and high flexing industrial control and power cables, grounding and wire management products, compact power supplies, LOCC-Box - intelligent DC control circuit protection devices, LSC-wiring systems for control cabinets and LCIS relays for industrial applications.

Product Offering

Cable and Connectivity Solutions

Flexible and high flexing control and power cables for industrial automation, suitable for the North American market, UL approvals, NFPA 79 compliant and RoHS compliant cables - specialties include:

LUTZE Silflex® multi-conductor control cables - ideal for flexible and stationary applications - easy handling and installation. LUTZE Silflex® TRAY-ER multi-conductor cables are ideal for tray applications with exposed run (open wiring) - no costly conduit needed. LUTZE Silflex® TPE series includes unshielded power cables and shielded motor cables. Suitable for - machine tools, machine and plant construction, HVAC technology, assembly and production lines and other industrial and automotive applications. Product portfolio includes cables with UL Type MTW, UL Type TC-ER with open wiring, UL Type PLTC and NFPA 79 compliant cables.

LUTZE Superflex® high flexing C-track Control Cables offer reliable solutions for continuous motion applications such as drag chains. All LUTZE Superflex® cables are compatible with major brand drag chains.

DRIVEFLEX® VFD Servo Cables for any motor supply application involving a Servo or Variable Frequency Drive. Low capacitance, high impedance and high voltage breakthrough resistance - a superior choice for long cable runs with pulse width modulation. UL listed type 'Flexible VFD Servo Cable' to comply with codes and standards regarding electrical wiring of VFDs.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX®TRONIC PUR shielded and unshielded Electronic Cables are C-track compatible and UL recognized.

LUTZE BUS and Network Cables comply with electrical parameters for all major systems (ASI - Actuator-Sensor-Interface, Profibus, Profibus PA, Profibus DP, Profibus Fast Connect®, CAN-Bus, Interbus, DeviceNet, Industrial ETHERNET) and are in compliance with all BUS standards and Ethernet protocols. Product range includes cables for use in static and flexible applications as well as for continuous moving applications in drag chains.

LUTZE Halogen Free Data and Control Cables for various industrial applications - often used in fire hazard locations as they do not release toxic smoke or corrosive gases when exposed to sources of high heat.

Cabinet Solutions

The LSC wiring system is a modular aluminum frame that replaces the back panel and wire duct for mounting and wiring electrical components in a control enclosure.

The lightweight aluminum frame integrates the wire management system into the frame, eliminating the need for traditional wireway, and freeing up 35-45% of additional space thus reducing the system size, allowing optimal ventilation for better heat distribution, convenient, fast front wiring and optimal maintenance access conditions.

LSC is wired in 1/3 time and the custom frame requires no assembly or drilling.

Space and time savings translate directly into overall system cost savings.

Automation Solutions

Industrial Power Supplies

LUTZE Industrial Power Supplies offer reliable, innovative design and engineering for a variety of applications - available in one, two and three-phase units. Both the Compact and Delta Series offer DIN rail mountable units with low heat dissipation, wide input voltage range, short circuit protection, parallel and redundant features and are RoHS compliant and UL 508 listed.

LUTZE COMPACT Power Supplies are extremely compact (approx. 50% smaller than standard) with more than 94% efficiency. Features include output range from 1.2 amps up to 100 amps, 150% above nominal rating for 5 sec. during overload - screw and pluggable screw terminals available. Suitable for temp ranges between -25°C to +75°C.

LUTZE DELTA Power Supplies are a high efficiency (over 92%) and economical solution with high reliability (MTBF) rating. Features include output range from 0.42 amps up to 40 amps - spring, screw and pluggable screw terminals and multiple Class 1 Div. 2 units available.

Current Monitoring

LUTZE Electronic Control Circuit Protection System with real time output status indicators allows you to remotely and proactively monitor devices and ensure reliable operations on the plant floor, reducing service and maintenance while increasing reliability and safety.

LUTZE LOCC-Box - provides intelligent load monitoring and protection in 24V DC control circuits. Innovative features include - adjustable trip current range (1-10A), adjustable settings (fast, med, slow1, slow2, slow3), output alarm signal at 90% of load setting, remote reset and on/off functions. The narrow, compact design functions very well in remote, hard to access locations as well as on the factory floor. The system functions independently of ambient temperature.

LUTZE LOCC-Box-Net - offers additional features such as Gateway communication for remote monitoring and analysis, while optional LOCC-Pads software offers additional features for custom parameter setting, analysis and diagnostics.

Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

LUTZE offers rugged Ethernet cables and connectors for industrial applications. LUTZE's flexible AWM 600V Ethernet Cables are engineered to protect data from harmful interference, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission and long term network reliability. Thanks to the AWM 600V rating, there is no need for internal wire separation in machinery and electrical panels. In addition, the PLTC listing means the cable can go directly into the power limited section of a cable tray. These features save material and labor costs for machine builders, panel shops, contractors, maintenance or anyone installing Ethernet cable in an industrial application. LUTZE offers straight and 90° RJ45 IDC connectors.

Compact Interface Solutions

LCIS - LUTZE Compact Interface Solutions - Industrial Electromechanical & Solid State Relays offer compact, innovative terminal block style relays for a wide range of industrial applications. The micro-compact design relays are among the most compact modules on the market and are ideally suited for din rail mounting in low depth distribution enclosures. Features include AC/DC outputs, clear identification of terminal markings, push-in or screw termination, operating range of -25°C to +60°C, LED status indicator, pluggable or non-pluggable housing, universal input/output mounting option, and 2 to 16 pole jumper accessories. LCIS Relays are UL listed.