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Optical Sensors, Light Curtains, Bar Code Readers, Safety Relays, and Wiring Products



LEUZE are specialists in sensors, offering an extensive line of optical electronic products including safety light curtains and grids, laser area scanners, bar code readers and a full line of active optoelectronic protective devices, analysis devices and signal devices.

Leuze offers a full line of sensor products, optical data transmission as well as innovative positions systems using barcode or laser measurement technology. Leuze systems can be simply and quickly linked to all common international field bus systems.


Product Offering

Leuze Single Light Beam Safety DevicesLOS Products (Photo Electric Sensors)

Cubic Series
Cylindrical Sensors, Mini Sensors, Fiber Optic Amplifier
Inductive Switches
Forked Photo Electric Sensors
Measuring Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
Contrast Scanner, Color Sensor, Luminescence Scanner
Double Sheet Monitoring, Splice Inspection
Measuring and Switching, Light Curtains
Connection Technology, Mounting Systems, Reflectors


Leuze Bar Code and 2D Code ReadersLOG Products (Identification, Data Transmission, Measuring)

Stationary and Hand Held Bar Code Readers
Stationary and Hand Held 2D Code Readers
Machine Vision Systems
Optical Distance Measuring and Positioning
Optical Data Transmission
Modular Interfacing Units
Analytical Applications


Leuze Safety Light CurtainsLAS Products (Safety Products)

Safety Laser Scanners
Safety Light Curtains
Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
Safety Sensor Sets
Single Light Beam Safety Devices
AS-Interface Safety at Work
Safety Switches, Locking Devices, Command Devices
Safety Relays



Product News


M12 Plug
7 Segment Display
Integrated Muting Display
Integrated Laser Alignment
Innovative 3-Beam Transceiver
Parameterization without PC and Switches



Technical Specifications

PDF Leuze 2010/2011 Product Overview
PDF Forked Sensors
PDF Single Light Beam Safety Device
PDF BCL 8 Bar Code Reader
PDF Measuring Sensors
PDF BCL 40 Bar Code Reader
PDF EX Sensors - Explosive Areas
PDF Leuze BCL500i and BCL501i Bar Code Readers
PDF Special Sensors Contrast Scanners
PDF AS-Interface Sensors
PDF Compact Light Curtain
PDF SOLID Safety Light Curtain 

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