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Electrical Vendors > Reer

Electrical Vendors > Reer
Optoelectronic Sensors for Industrial Safety

REER is a leading designer and manufacturer of optoelectronic safety light curtains and grids, monitoring sensors, laser scanners, and dedicated interface modules as well as a range of light curtains for detection, measurement and control that is state-of-the-art in terms of cost and performance.

Product Offering


Safety Sensors

EOS4 Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
ADMIRAL Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
JANUS Type 4 Safety Light Grid including models with built in Muting Sensors
PHARO Type 3 Laser Scanner
EOS2 Type 2 Safety Light Curtains
VISION Type 2 Safety Light Curtains
ILION Type 2 Safety Photocells
ULISSE Type 2 Safety Photocells

Safety Interfaces

AD SR Series Type 4 Safety Interface Relays
AU SX Type 2 Control Unit for Safety Photocells
AS-i CI5 Type 4 Safety MonitorĀ 


METRON Light Curtain Sensors for measurement, automation and control


Watertight Enclosures
Floor Mounting Columns
Deflection Mirrors
Laser Alignment Devices
Vibration Dampers
Swivel Fixing Brackets

Reer Technical Specifications