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Electrical Vendors > BTI Safety Switches

Electrical Vendors > BTI Safety Switches

BTI Advanced technology in Non-Contact Safety Switching

BTI Magnet safety switch systems have a patented solid-state process-coded construction for machinery that provides the highest levels of security and safety possible.

BTI Non-Contact Safety Switches feature a patented non-contact electronic process-coded AcotomĀ® Safety Interlock System.

BTI solid state switches have no moving parts, unlike mechanical interlock switches and magnet reed switch interlocks whose parts may stick or wear out, or become damaged from misalignment.

Product Offering


Stand Alone Series: VIGIL, AMX, SSR, OPTO 2S
Used with Safety Relay Series: ANATOM, ANATOM M18, OPTOPUS DEC
Large misalignment distances
Vibration and shock resistant
Simple to install and wire
Anti-tamper coding system
Acceptable for sliding doors
Waterproof - unaffected by food or metal dust
Polycarbonate or metal housings
Stainless steel for high-pressure wash down applications
Suitable for harsh environments
Long life (up to 100 million operations)

High-Temperature Series: TRITHON
High heat resistance to 230F
High temp teflon cable
Radial design
Suitable for washdown applications

In Line In Series: MASSIMOTTO
Saves install time and labor
Reduces wiring errors
Available for use with relays and stand alone
Individual Remote Reset available on some switches
Long life (up to 100 million operations)

Radio Frequency Coded (RFID) Series: AMXR, XORF
Radio frequency coding
One time teach in for guaranteed unique coding
Huge sensing range and misalignment distances
Long life (up to 50 million operations)

Magnetic Locking Series: Supermagnetic SM1, SM2
Magnetically locks doors closed
No direct contact
Easy to wash down
Holding forces up to 225 lbs
Designed to be used with safety relays
Polycarbonate or Metal housings

Magnetic Holding Series: BOOSTER, EPINUS
Magnetically holds doors closed
No direct contact
Easy to wash down
Holding forces up to 8.2 lbs
Available with or without safety relays
Stainless Steel housings


DLC Electronic Current Limiting Circuit Breakers provide automatic reset with a fast response of 20mS, assuring that they meet requirements of Safety Category 4

Designed to be used with BTI Non-Contact Safety Switches as well as standard mechanical switches for monitoring emergency stop buttons and gate switches.

Safety Category 4 Relay - AWAX 26 XXL
Designed for dual safety channel (Cat 4) applications

Safety Category 2 - 3 Relay - CO13 XXL
Inputs can be wired for either CAt 2 or Cat 3

Two Zone Relay - AWAX 27 XXL
Designed to control two independant safety circuit zones

Standard Relay with High Operating Voltage - AWAX 45 XXL2 / 120-240
Multi-function Safety Relay for operating voltages of 85 to 265 VAC

BTI Zero Speed Controller Series SpeedtronicZero Speed Controller - SPEEDTRONIC - Safety Category 4
Monitors EMF from three phase motor to sense if movement has stopped

Time Delay Module - EXELTRONIC XXL - Safety Category 4
Provides three standard NC outputs, plus 2 NC / 1 NO time delay outputs
Time delay activated by a break in one or both safety channels

Release Delay Module - TIMTRONIC - Safety Category 3
Release delay time activated by opening a NO contact

Extension Module - RELTRONIC - Safety Category 2
Used with a standard safety relay, adds extra outputs to your safety circuit

BTI Safety Switches Technical Specifications