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Safety Products Bernstein, BTI, Dold, and Industrial Motor Controls, AEG, Detas, Electra, ELFA and Sirena.



EE CONTROLS is the exclusive North American marketing arm for independent international manufacturers of Industrial Motor Controls and a leading supplier for machine safety switches and other quality electrical components, specializing in safety products.

Motor starters, circuit breakers, relays, pushbuttons, pilot lights, disconnects, and heavy duty cam switches


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EE Controls Product Group



Bernstein - Machine Safety Controls and Safety Switches
BTI - Magnet Safety Switch Systems
Dold - Safety and Control Relay Modules



AEG - Motor Controls
Detas - Industrial Power Supplies
ELFA - Circuit Breakers
Elektra - Power Switch Products
Sirena - Signaling Devices



Technical Specifications

PDF R-Series Push Buttons
PDF AEG Heavy Duty Push Buttons
PDF Series CBS Molded Case UL489 Circuit Breakers
PDF EEC Mini Breakers
PDF AEG ELFA Series E90S Mini Breakers

PDF Elektra Series D Disconnects
PDF Elektra Series S Undervoltage Trip
PDF Elektra Series D1 Disconnects 25 Amp
PDF EEC Heavy Duty Enclosed Disconnects
PDF EEC UL98 Disconnects and Accessories
PDF EEC Fusible and Non-Fusible Disconnects
PDF AEG Fusible and Breaker Combination Starters
PDF AEG Combination Starter Series MBS32 - MBS63
PDF AEG Motor Circuit Protectors MBS25
PDF AEG LSK Motor Starters
PDF AEG XLSK Motor Starters
PDF TEC High Performance Motor Starters
PDF TECX Motor Starters 15HP Max
PDF Compact NEMA 4x Motor Starters
PDF EEC Heavy Duty Industrial Contactors
PDF ECX 30 Amp Contactors
PDF AEG Lighting Contactors
PDF EEC Definite Purpose Contactors
PDF Siemens DP Contactors Cross Reference
PDF Mini Contactors
PDF Relays and Motor Overloads
PDF EEC Mini Power Relays  

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