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Specialty Items > IKO International

Specialty Items > IKO International
Linear Motion Rolling Guides, Needle Roller Bearings, Cam Followers and Precision Positioning Tables

IKO is the brand name of Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. The trademark IKO stands for Innovation, Know-how & Originality. Nippon Thompson developed needle roller bearings in Japan using its own technology, then using that advanced technology as a foundation for entering into the field of linear motion rolling guides. More recently they have developed the first-of-its-kind C-Lube Maintenance Free Series and an array of other creative products in response to diverse customer needs.

Product Offering


The IKO Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series includes superior components for the reduction of linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machinery. Applications range from use in the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing devices to large machine tools or construction equipment. Sizes range from the world's smallest track rail at 1mm wide, to very large high rigidity, high load capacity products.

Products include:

Roller Type Linear Motion Rolling Guides
Ball Type Linear Motion Rolling Guides
Ball Splines
Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Units
High Rigidity Precision Ball Slides / Linear Slides
Linear Bushings
Stroke Rotary Bushings
Stroke Rotary Cages


The IKO Needle Roller Bearings are rotational motion bearings in which a thin needle-shaped roller is incorporated into a rolling element. The low cross-section height and high load capacity features compare favorably to ball bearings. The smaller size of this style bearing contributes to a reduction in overall machine size, offering a preferred design option for a wide variety of applications such as, automobiles, motorcycles, printing presses, industrial robots and construction equipment.

Products include:

Radial Type Needle Roller Bearings
Thrust Type Needle Roller Bearings
Combined Type Needle Roller Bearings
Cam Followers
Roller Followers
Crossed Roller Bearings
Spherical Bushings


The IKO Precision Positioning Table Series is the result of combining precision machining technology and electronic controls. The mechanism consists of a direct-acting series with a ball screw or motor which is incorporated between a bed and a slide table. The product series ranges from a module type positioning table to a super precision positioning table. Applications vary from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to flat panel display manufacturing, or anywhere that the electronic control of precision positioning can optimize design and assembly operations.

Products include:

Ball Screw Drive Precision Positioning Tables
Linear Motor Drives
Rotary Precision Positioning Tables
Alignment Tables
Alignment Modules
Alignment Stages
Precision Elevating Tables
Programmable Controllers