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Quick Connect Coupling Systems, Inch and Metric Quick-Disconnect Couplers in Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel and Thermoplastic materials

RECTUS AND TEMA are recognized as leading manufacturers of complete quick connect coupling systems for low, medium and high pressure applications. In addition to the standard ranges, custom solutions can be developed for your specific requirements.

Rectus-Tema quick connect couplings stand for the highest precision and reliability.

Product Offering

RECTUS - Low Pressure Coupling Systems

Used in many industries, primarily for compressed air but also for connections with liquid media.

Available Materials: Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel and Thermoplastics
Single and Double Shut-Off Quick Connect Couplings
Quick Connect Safety Couplings
Self Venting Quick Connect Safety Couplings
Quick Connect Couplings made of Thermoplastic
Quick Connect Couplings for Water Applications
Quick Connect Couplings - RectuKey Couplers and Plugs are Compatible Based on Key and Color

TEMA - Quick Connect Hydraulic Couplings

Among the best hydraulic connecting elements in the world. Tema quick connect couplings particularly stand out for their extremely low-pressure drop and maximum power transmission.

T Series - for low pressure drop and minimum flow loss
H Series - for harsh environments and severe working conditions - high flow rate, minimum pressure drop
FF Series - dry break quick connect with minimum pressure loss - single handed operation - no oil loss during uncoupling
IA Series - wide through-flow cross section - very small pressure drop
IB Series - pressure eliminator allows for coupling under static and residual pressure, up to operating pressure
IF Series - single handed operation - safety locking device to prevent unintentional uncoupling
HP Series - for use in industrial machinery - galvanized steel - high flow valve design - additional plug sealing via polymer valve casing - dust caps inclusive
TDG Series - for use in hydraulic systems where rotating joints are essential


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