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Motor Starters, Contactors, 22 mm. Push Buttons, Overload Relays, Circuit Breakers, Fusible Disconnects



AEG Motor Controls is recognized as one of the leading producers of heavy duty industrial products which are used worldwide in over 100 countries.


Product Offering

AEG Mini-contactors

Heavy Duty Motor Starter - Series XLSK

Single phase and three phase motor starters

Series LSK Motor Starters

Complete line of open and enclosed motor controls

Manual Motor Starters - Series MBS32 and MBS63

MBS combinations meet the UL508 Type E requirement for self protected combination controllers

Combination Starters

Fusible / non-fusible combination motor controls
Breaker type combination starters

Two Speed Starters

Reduced Voltage Starters

Reversing Starters and Contactors

Motor Circuit Protectors - Series MBS25

Manual disconnect with short circuit trip

AEG Motor Controls Circuit ProtectorPower Switching Contactors

High performance NEMA rated 1000A max 30amp
Type LS-K 3 pole contactors (open type)
Type LSK AC 3 pole contactors (enclosed type)
Type LS-K 4 pole contactor

Lighting Load Contactors

30amp / 60amp

Overload Relays and Overload Relay Connectors

Mini Series – positive guided power relays, starters and contactors

AEG Motor Controls Push ButtonsControl Circuit Transformers

Auxiliaries and Accessories

22mm and 30mm Push Buttons

Vast selection of style and colors
Heavy duty push-buttons
Nema 12, 4, 4X hose testing
Water tight / dust tight
Full approvals


Technical Specifications

PDF Heavy Duty Pushbuttons
PDF Elfa Series E90S Mini Breakers
PDF Combination Starter Series MBS32 - MBS63
PDF Motor Circuit Protectors MBS25
PDF LSK AC Motor Starters
PDF XLSK AC Motor Starters
PDF Lighting Contactors
PDF Mini Contactors


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