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METAL WORK is a leading Italian company in the manufacture and distribution of pneumatic components. Products include metric air cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators, solenoid, air piloted and manual valves.  Air fittings are available in NPT and metric threads.

Metal Work Pneumatic was founded in 1967 and has grown to a position as market leader for the manufacture of pneumatic components for automation systems.

Metal Work Pneumatic offers a full line of inch and metric pneumatic components, valves, cylinders, fittings, and Filter-Regulator-Lubricators.


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Product Offering


Metal Work CylindersCYLINDERS - bore of 6 to 200 mm

All versions can be equipped with NBR or PU seals
Mini-cylinder Series "ISO 6432" Ø 8-25 mm
Round cylinder Series "RNDC" Ø 32-50 mm
Cartridge Micro-Cylinder Series "CRTC" Ø 6-16mm
Short-stroke Cylinder Series "SSCY" Ø 12-100 mm
Cylinder Series "ISO 6431 VDMA" Ø 32-125 mm
Cylinder Series " ISO 6431 VDMA" Ø 160-200 mm
Twin Rod Cylinders Series "TWNC" Ø 32-100 mm
Rotary Cylinder Series "RTGC" Ø 32-100 mm
Hydraulic Brake Series "BRK" for ISO Ø 32-125 mm
Pneumatic Grippers Series "FUL-PRL" Ø 16-32mm


Metal Work ValvesVALVES

Minivalves, mechanically and hand operated
Valves, pedal operated
Valves, series 70
Valves to VDMA 24563-02, series Mach 18
Valves, series Mach 16
Multiple connector valves
Solenoid valves
IP 20 Profibus/Interbus
IP 65 Profibus/Interbus
IP 65 Profibus/Interbus Mach 16 Dedicated



Metal Work Filter Regulator LubricatorsFILTER-REGULATOR-LUBRICATOR UNITS

Skillair® FRL Units

Skillair® Filter
Pressure Regulator; Battery Regulator; Pilot Regulator; PilotOperated Regulator; Skilltronic Pressure Regulator; Filter Regulator
Skillair® Lock Out Valve; Valve 2/2
Skillair® Progressive Starter (soft start)
Air Take-Off
Manifold Subbase Assemblies


Metal Work Syntesi Air TreatmentBIT FRL Units

Air Take-Off

New Deal FRL Units

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Metal Work FittingsFITTINGS

Push-in Fittings - R series
Push-in Fittings - Mini RL FOX Series
Standard Adaptors
Compression Fittings
Quick Fittings
Banjo Fittings
Quick Couplings





In 1992 Metal Work obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality management. In 2000 they added the one related to the environmental management according the ISO 14001.

To these METAL WORK S.p.A. applied the OHSAS 18001 standard in 2007 to guarantee a Management System of Occupational Safety and Health.

All the certifications above have been released by the German certification body DEKRA ITS, accredited by TGA.

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Metal Work HDM Video



HDM Video




Metal Work MRF Video


MRF Video


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Technical Specifications


PDF 8-25mm Bore Cylinders
PDF 32-125mm Bore Cylinders
PDF 32-125mm Bore, Type "A" Cylinders
PDF 32-125mm Bore, Series 3 Cylinders
PDF 32-63mm Bore Cylinders, Two Flat
PDF Ultra Low Friction Cylinders
PDF Combi Cylinders
PDF 160-200mm Bore Cylinders
PDF Twin Rod, Series TWNC Cylinders
PDF Stainless Steel Mini Cylinders - Series ISO6432


PDF Metal Work Valves Catalog
PDF ISO Valves and Subbases
PDF Namur Valves
PDF Minivalves - Mechanical/Hand Operated
PDF Series 70 Valves - Overview
PDF Series 70 Valves - Hand Operated
PDF Series 70 Valves - Mechanical
PDF Series 70 Valves - Pneumatic
PDF Series 70 Valves - Solenoid/Pneumatic
PDF Series 70 Valves - Accessories
PDF Mach 18 Valves
PDF Mach 16 Valves
PDF HDM - Multimach Valves
PDF Quick Exhaust Valves Series VSR
PDF Two Hand Safety Valves


PDF Metal Work FRL General Catalog
PDF Skillair® FRLs
PDF Skillair® Filter Regulators
PDF Skillair® Padlockable Regulators
PDF Skillair® Filters
PDF Skillair® Active Carbon Filters
PDF Skillair® Lubricators
PDF Skillair® Electronic Regulators
PDF Bit Filter Regulators
PDF Bit Micro Regulator
PDF Bit Padlockable Micro Regulator
PDF Bit Filters
PDF Bit Lubricators


PDF Syntesi Air Treatment Catalog - NEW PRODUCT!
PDF ONE Compressed Air Treatment Unit


PDF Metal Work LineOnLine Products Catalog
PDF Metal Work NPT Push-In Fittings Catalog
PDF Push-In Fittings - Metric Sizes
PDF Push-In Fittings Series F (Food Applications)
PDF Adapters Series A
PDF Compression Fittings Series B
PDF Quick Fittings Series C
PDF Banjo Fittings Series D


PDF Flow Micro Regulators
PDF Silencers


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