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Compressed Air Preparation Products: filters, regulators, lubricators as well as coalescent filters and bronze sintered products.


ARROW PNEUMATICS manufactures a broad range of compressed air preparation products. Arrow's expertise, patented design features, high quality standards and timely reaction to industry demands has established them as a leader in the field.


Product Offering


Arrow Adsorber Filter


Arrow Filtration Products

Particulate Filters
Coalescing Filters
Oil Removing Filters
Adsorbing Filters
In Line Filters


Arrow Pressure Regulators (relieving and non-relieving)

Miniature, Standard, Mid Flow and High Flow Regulators


Arrow Particulate FilterArrow Air Line Lubricators (from 1/8" NPT to 6" flange)

Miniature Fog Lubricators
Standard Arrowfog Lubricators
Mid Flow Arrowfog Lubricators
Arrowick Lubricators


Arrow Integral Filter / Regulators

Miniature and Standard Integral Units 


Arrow Mid-Flow High-Flow FRL



Arrow Combination Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Units

Miniature FRL Units
Standard Modular Flow FRL Units
Mid Flow and High Flow FRL Units




Arrow Regulator

Arrow Muffler Products

Breather Vents
Pneumatic Exhaust Mufflers
Pneumatic Silencer Mufflers
Speed Control Mufflers
Reclassifier Mufflers
Sintered Bronze Exhaust Mufflers

Arrow Drains

Automatic Drains

Arrow Gauges

Delta P Gauges and Pressure Gauges 


Arrow High Flow Regulator

Arrow Accessories

Pressure Switches
Slide Valves
Miniature Relief Valves
Regulator Accessories
Air Flow Check Valves
Pressure Snubbers
Standard Inserts & Accessories
Modular Components



Product Offering


Physical properties of controlled porosity sintered bronze products are outstanding. Arrow has developed many ingenious applications in recent years which utilize the physical characteristics of the controlled porosity. 

Arrow Sintered Bronze ProductsSintered Bronze Products

Pneumatic exhaust mufflers
Exhaust mufflers
Breather vents
Speed control mufflers
Hydraulic in-line filters
In-line tool filters
In-line nipple filters
Air flow check valves
Pressure snubbers
Speed control mufflers

Common Applications:

Filtering, Metering, Flame Arresting, Snubbing Sound, Dampening, Separating, Fluidizing of Powders, Diffusing, Vacuum Forming, Heat Exchanging and Absorbing, Venting


Technical Specifications

PDF Filtration Products
PDF Pressure Regulators
PDF Air Line Lubricators
PDF Integral Filter/Regulators
PDF Combination Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Units
PDF Muffler Products
PDF Air Prep Accessories


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