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Factory Automation Equipment, Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves and Vacuum Components



KOGANEI is the top supplier of pneumatic components in Asia, and among the top five in the world. Over the years, Humphrey Products has worked with Koganei to develop products, exchange the latest design and manufacturing technology, and manufacture some of the finest pneumatic actuators and valves in the world.

Koganei was founded in Japan in 1934 and has since been manufacturing and supplying the world with some of the finest quality pneumatic products.


Product Offering


Koganei CylindersActuator Equipment

standard cylinders
slides (rodless and table type)
rotary actuators (linear and swing type)
twin rod (with and without guides)
air hand grippers
low speed cylinders



Koganei Valves


Valve Equipment

solenoid valves
air piloted valves
manual/mechanical valves
foot valves



Koganei ProductsVacuum Equipment

vacuum compressors
actuator (cylinder with vacuum pad)
vacuum valves
vacuum generators
vacuum switches
vacuum pads




Since July 2006 all Koganei products are made in compliance with the RoHS Directive in EU for environmental safety.


Technical Specifications

PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 010 Series
PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 030 Series
PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 040 Series
PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 110 Series
PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 180 Series
PDF Koganei Solenoid Valves 240 Series
PDF Koganei Actuator Pen Cylinder PBDA Series
PDF Koganei Actuator Multi Mount Cylinder BDA Series
PDF Koganei Actuator Jig Cylinder C Series CDA Type
PDF Koganei Actuator Twin Rod Cylinder TBDA Series

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