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WERMA is the leading European producer of stack lights and audible and visual signals, also offering off signals for hazardous locations. Werma products offer a complete range of mounting arrangements, bulb or LED, various light effects, optional audible elements, etc. Some stack lights are available IP69K rated, suitable for high pressure washdown for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Werma Signal Technology is a European manufacturer located in Germany with warehousing in the United States. Werma signal horns, electronic buzzers, flashing beacons, signal towers and rotating beacons are all available in explosion proof housings.


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Werma CleanSign Stacklight


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Werma CleanSign Stacklight - IP69k rated !!!




Product Offering


Werma Signal TowersSignal Towers

Flashing LED Stack Lights
EVS - Enhanced Visibility Systems
Ultrabright LED
Self-Adjustable Siren Element
Vocal Element
GSM Element (malfunction transmitted to mobile phone)
deSIGN 42 - Stainless Steel Stack Lights
OEM Color Program for Stack Lights
Kompakt 71 with USB Interface
Foldaway Base for KombiSIGN 50, 70 and 71
Compact Signal Tower CST60
VarioSIGN Stack Light
FlatSIGN Stack Light
CleanSIGN Stack Light - IP69k environmental rating

Werma CleanSign Stack Light

Signal Tower options include: AS-Interface; USB Interface; Vocal Elements; Self-adjusting sound to compensate for varying background noise; GSM transmitter that sends a signal from tower to cell phone

Optical Signal Devices

Flashing LED Stack Lights
Multicolored LED Beacon
280 Rotating LED Beacon
Externally triggered 829 LED Beacon with Light Effects
885 Midsize Beacon with 1/2" NPT or Flexible Mount
894 LED Traffic Light
853 LED Beacon with versatile beacon arrangements

Werma Optical Audible Signal DevicesOptical Audible Combination Signal Devices

444 Combo Alarm - wall mount or base mount
450 Combo Alarm - panel mount

Audible Signal Devices

Signal Tower Self-Adjustable Siren Element
Signal Tower Vocal Element
Signal Tower 190 Multi-tone Sounder
Buzzers - continuous, pulse tone or multi-tone sounder
Horns - wall mounted - trumpet option to direct sound

Ex-Signal Devices (Explosive Atmosphere)

Stack Lights, Beacons and Sounders in explosion proof housings


Technical Specifications

PDF Signal Towers
PDF Optical Signal Devices
PDF Optical Audible Combination Signal Devices
PDF Audible Signal Devices
PDF Ex-Signal Devices (Explosive Atmosphere)
PDF Compact Signal Tower CST 60 low cost for OEMs)
PDF CleanSIGN Stack Light
PDF KombiSIGN Signal Towers
PDF Werma Technical Diagrams
PDF Werma General Info and Tech Talk
PDF Werma New Products

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