Ball Valve with 'Top Control'

On/off and continuous control
Integrated PID controller with internal + external setpoint
Programmable flow curves: free, linear, equal percentage
Three input signals: frequency, 4-20 mA, PT100
All major protocols (Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNET)
Ball valves also available with pneumatic or electric actuation


Burkert Flow Meter (for water)

Shows both flow and volume
Two alarm relays (optional)
Menu guided operation
TEACH-IN: Automatic calibration (in certain applications)
Available for Profibus DP


Burkert Temperature Control

Burkert temperature sensor
Continuous control solenoid valve
Integral PI controller for temperature control
PT100 Signal


Burkert Water Valves

Double O-ring seals between armature guide and coil
Insensitive to humidity and aggressive environments
Up to 10X longer service life
360° rotatable coil
Waterhammer Free
Now available in stainless steel


Conductivity pH or redox

TEACH-IN function
Remote display and control
Test simulation under dry run conditions
30% less installation time


Pneumatic Valves

Burkert's pneumatic valves are completely modular.
Stand-alone or manifold mounting systems.
Modules snap together quickly and easily by hand, and are DIN rail and Fieldbus ready.
Integrated pushi-in fittings.
LED indicators (inputs & outputs)
Captured exhaust makes these valves ideal for clean room applications.
Coil and Electronics are completely isolated from the pneumatic media.
Fluent in digital languages, Burkert pneumatic valves are Fieldbus and PLC compatible.
Three families of valve sizes provide flow rate capability ranges from 0.2 cfm to 56.5 cfm.


Ultrasonic level transmitter / TopControl Valve

Eliminates external controller
NEMA 4 Enclosure
4-20mA output
Two optional 3A relays
Fail-safe alarms
TEACH-IN function
Simulation function
Imperial or metric measurements