Product Offering


Liquid and Steam Process Valves

Available in brass, stainless steel, teflon, pvc, and pvdf
Pressure sensors
Flow sensors
Level sensors
Temperature sensors
pH sensors
Orp and conductivity sensors



System 2000 Angle Seat Valves

Cost less to own and operate than motor actuated ball valves and about 50% less than comparable sizes
2-Way, piston-operated
Optical position indicator is standard
Bronze or stainless steel bodies
Articulated seat holder assures positive sealing
Manual override
Spring loaded, double PTFE seals separate and isolate the process fluid
On/off or continuous control
Long service life
Various end connections
PID positioner
Rated to 230 psi


Positioner SideControl

Digital Electropneumatic Positioner
Compact metal housing
2-Way, piston-operated
Graphic display with backlight
Easy start-up
Comprehensive range of additional software functions
Profibus DPV1 (optional)
Assembly acc. to IEC 534-6 / VDI VDE 3845


Burkert Diaphragm Valves

Body materials:

Stainless steel
Aseptic stainless steel (FDA)
Plastic (PVC, PVDF, PP)
On/off continuous control
Postioner with integral PID controller


Chemical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical


Analytical Valves

Miniature Solenoid Valve
Near-Zero Dead Volume
Size: .63" x 1" x 1.9"
Vacuum to 29 PSI
Handles pharmaceutical or biological substances